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Updated: Jul 5, 2022

The Road hasn’t been easy, it’s been a couple decades since it all started but if I am truthful I think it's been more than that.

I am a true believer that our actions speak of our real character and the decisions we make become who we are.

Impossible is a word that is thrown a lot when someone can’t do something. Everything was once impossible until somebody did it. You must have the mindset that nothing is impossible and anything can be achieved with the right attitude and effort.

After the Covid 19 Pandemic I understood that we fall and get up so we can learn from our mistakes. Failure and Solutions is what we call lessons it is what life is all about. Humility, knowledge and peace of mind are great gifts after so much done. Nobody succeeds without failing a million times first.

Our strongest traits are not in the ability to succeed flawlessly, but in coming back even stronger after we fail. Failures are hard to take and they break some people, but the successful ones are the ones who learn from their failures and come back better than ever.

I believe in living by you’re own rules. There are times when bending the rules are necessary for success and for what is right. We cannot live our lives on the basis of someone else’s rules and someone else’s agenda.

With all this said I know that I will not always be around but I need others to experience and learn what makes a true dental experience.

I do not lead choices in life through monetary benefit or obsolete unproven old ideas. In my own opinion, not always the perfect white smile that shines through or the perfect alignment of teeth is always better option. What is, it's whatever makes you smile from deep inside. That sincere smile is what I want to help preserve and make a real human connection, maybe even become a friend.

Israel D Sandoval


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